ITBP Public School, Dibrugarh


SCHOOL CLINC: Medical check ups and record of students are done with 9th Bn ITBPF , Lohitpur ,on regular basis. Parent are informed immediately if a child is found to be critically ill or need special attention . Parents are requested to avoid sending sick children to school or for appearing fro examinations as the child’s health is of prime importance . The medical history of the child is to be submitted at the beginning of the session and time about the progress of the child through the class teacher.


BUS : Bus Facilities are available the Direction of which is (School To Chaulkhowa and School To Green Wood T.E) .


LIBRARY :Library is the learning centre . The school has vast collection of books , magazines, periodicals and newspaper . Students can borrow books for one week only .Children can easily access the library under the supervision of the teacher.


SCIENCE LABORTORY :The senior school classes has Physics , Chemistry , Biology and Computer laboratories . Students from the secondary sections perform their scientific activities and experiments under the able guidance of experimenting scientific facts


MUSIC ROOM :Music is true demonstration of our tradition , culture and aspirations .


NCC : NCC Process has been complete .