ITBP Public School, Dibrugarh

From Principal's Desk

The aim of ITBP Public School is to develop the students qualities of head and towards this the school Endeavour’s to provide a dedicated staff with wide range of skills and interests , a varied and wide choice of activities – academic , aesthetic , and athletic – an environment enriched with excitement of discovery , challenge and competitiveness and discipline based on belief that responsibility comes before freedom .

The School has recruited experienced and qualified teachers in all subjects areas who are committed to the academic progress of each child. They use innovative teaching techniques supported by modern technology to arouse the intellectual curiosity of the child .

A balance teacher – student ratio with not more than 30-35 students in each class / Section enables the teachers to pay individual attention to the students . Special remedial classes are also arranged to help slow learners .


Aims & Objectives

  • To provide outstanding teaching resources to facilitate all round development .
  • To implement best academic curriculum to prepare students for future .
  • To instill right values in all its students – integrity self motivation , self confidence , sensitive .
  • To encourage students to develop a sense of community .
  • To provide a caring environment where attention is given to general well being of each student.
  • To respect and understand our natural environment in its varied manifestations .
  • To develop leadership qualities and a spirit of adventure .